Made in Italy

Once upon a time, there was a Village, whose artisans were renowned far and wide across the kingdom. Travelling required vast resources and time. Trade between cities was arduous to accomplish and rare. Then roads came, and the novelty was merrily met by everyone.
Soon after the people saw that the world had become wider and more enticing, but also more frightening. So after a few unpleasant episodes, eventually the Village hired a knight for protection, renowned for his great bravery. From now on our trade will be safe, thought the lords in the Village.
But one day they were attacked. Everyone went into hiding, the great knight was called forth, and yet he was the first to flee. Here appeared the jester in the terrified crowd. He knew no other way to make a living but to make people laugh, after all he was just the bastard son born of the encounter between a wanderer and the baker's daughter. And as he reached the outsider, without any violence, he began to talk. Everyone held their breath in disbelief, because after the jester had talked, the assailant, apologising, began to withdraw. Many could not understand what had happened that day, but they witnessed an act of true bravery.
After a few years everyone realised that the world had changed, there was no outsider, everyone was part of one kingdom. And things found their true value. It is said, the king of that time of prosperity had travelled widely, and because he was always smiling, King Jester was the name everyone knew him by.

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